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Bleaching ( tooth whitening)

Stunning White I Safe I Australian Technology


What is tooth bleaching ?

'In-office tooth whitening is a professional and expedited cosmetic dental procedure, administered directly by a us. 


Steps - 
- Application of a protective layer on your gums 
- Application of bleaching gel on your teeth 
- Activation with the help of lasers and a special light 
- DONE :) 


In just one session, patients can experience significant improvements in tooth color, with immediate and noticeable results.


Especially suited for - 
- Rapid enhancement of a smile 
- Busy people who engage lots of clients and need a confident smile 

- People with minimal existing cavities and gum problems 

Common Questions About Tooth Bleaching

Is it safe ?

Yes, tooth bleaching is generally safe when performed under professional dental supervision and guidelines. We have been bleaching teeth for a decade with stunning results, and will make sure that it is safe for you. 

How long do the results last ?

The duration of teeth bleaching results varies based on individual habits and maintenance. Generally, effects can last several months to a few years. Regular oral care and avoiding staining substances contribute to prolonged whitening. Periodic touch-ups may be recommended to sustain a brighter smile over time.

How about sensitivity post bleaching ? 

Careful case selection and using high quality materials is the secret to avoiding sensitivity post bleaching. 

We provide you a complimentary post-bleaching enamel protection treatment so that you can get back to having ice cream and hot coffee asap.


I had my bleaching done by Dr Shrey and it was a breeze. It took 45 mins during which we listened to some classic rock music and before i knew it, my teeth where super white and awesome looking ! 

Harry Singh 
Essex, United Kingdom

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